Welcome to NOKINS Golf Cart Part.

NOKINS has been engaged in the production of golf cart accessories/parts at home and abroad since 2007. With more than 15 years experience in golf cart part business, we produce golf cart accessories/parts for a lot of golf cart dealers and famous manufacturers. NOKINS started to pay full attention to global business in 2019, the brand “NOKINS” was also established at that time, which is already quite popular in US and widely loved by our clients because of our great quality and amazing after-sale service.


We love golf cart part industry, outdoor sports, design and renovation, and also pay great attention to sustainable development, quality, environmental protection, innovation and personalized service.


We provide parts, ODM and OEM services for automobile manufacturers and after-sales brand sellers. Our R&D department puts a lot of efforts into developing new products to meet market demands, and can provide aftermarket brand product accessories, which can be customized according to samples/drawings. As one of the best golf cart accessories factories in China, our products are widely recognized and used in USA.


NOKINS produces many kinds of accessories/parts for Club Car, E-ZGO, Yamaha, ICON golf carts. 

We have lots of stocks in our warehouses: light kit, seat cover, armrest, accelerator pedal assembly, lift kit, rear seat kit, hub cap, adapter, steering wheel, fender flare, side view mirror and other mirrors, brake assembly, shock absorber, leaf spring, MCOR, seat belt kit, starter switch, golf bag holder, QC 3.0 USB charger socket, sand bottle, universal rear seat trailer hitch. Amazing body kit is under design now.


Enjoy yourself and have a great time by choosing NOKINS.